Bookings for Gravity Forms Is The Perfect Plugin For Client & Bookings Management

More and more businesses are using Bookings for Gravity Forms for their client management needs. Bookings for Gravity Forms is adaptable to different kinds of businesses.

Legal Appointment Booking System

Offer legal consultancy services to your potential clients easily using the Gravity Forms Booking plugin.

Doctors & Clinics Appointments

Gravity Forms Booking enables doctors and private clinics display available slots and staff availability for clinical services.

Spa Salon Appointments

Offer beauty care services to your customers with an all-in-one solution for spa and salon businesses.  

Tutor Booking

Make tutor appointment scheduling easy with Gravity Booking. Book tutors with a few clicks.   

Therapists Booking

Gravity Booking form plugin enables therapists to display slots & staff availability for therapy services.

Dental Appointment Booking

Offer dentistry services by using Gravity Booking Form plugin. Its an easy and fast way to book online dental appointments.   

Restaurant Bookings

Offer online dine-in reservation services at a physical location for your restaurants using Gravity Booking form plugin. 

Movies & Entertainment Ticket Booking

Make movie ticket and entertainment events booking easy on your website using this Gravity Booking. 

Gym and Sports Booking 

Book appointments for different training and gym sessions with the gym trainers via Gravity Forms Booking.   

Bus/Cab Booking Service

Gravity Booking is perfect for managing cab booking services as it accepts bus/cab booking requests on available slots. 

Repair & Maintenance Service

Book repair and maintenance staff on your WordPress website using Gravity Forms Booking.  

Tickets Booking

Book online tickets for the zoo, amusement park, musical concerts, and carnivals using Gravity Booking. 

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